Free Tarot Psychic Reading via Facebook

How to use my Free Tarot Psychic Reading Facebook Page. Each week I lay out and photograph five cards. I use many different tarot card decks, so there is a variation on the intuitive energy each week. 

From the top of my Facebook Page you may need to scroll down the posts to find the most recent spread. While the weekly spread is unanswered I keep it pinned to the top of my posts.  

If there is not yet an unanswered card spread, just LIKE the page so you get the new card layout in your news feed soon after I post it. It will look something like this - only with real cards.

On the real card spread glance over the cards (left to right) 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5.

In a relaxed state of mind, think of your question and then imagine pushing your question into the heart of the crystal ball (also in the photo).

While doing so, take note of the card number/s that come to your mind, as if they were emanating from the crystal ball.

Then . . .

  • Type your card choice in the Facebook Comments below the card spread image (not your question, keep that private)
  • Please add YOUR your own magic to the mix with Page Likes and Post Shares
  • Return to my Facebook page when I have read the cards (I will  ❤️  your comment when I post my reading of the cards). 

Thanks, and know that I really do appreciate your participation.



More Free Tarot Psychic Readings

My Facebook Page provides general information and guidance each week. In my TarotVision™ clairvoyant card readings on Facebook I am unable to answer individual questions as the process through which I connect with personal clients takes more time and focus.

If you are looking for specific answers please consider my professional psychic services.

Or you can check out the TOP RATED psychic readers I have partnered with to offer you 24/7 Online Tarot and Psychic Readings. (There is a match guarantee which gives you 3 FREE Minutes* with each new psychic reader plus a 50% discount* on your first session.)

More Reasons to LIKE

On my page I also share updates from my own websites as well as good news and reviews from others.

When you LIKE the page, you get to stay in the loop so you can see what is new and interesting in my psychic circles.  

I have listed below the most recent Revealed Spreads

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