Learn How to Develop Intuition Easily

Here are some simple ways to learn how to develop intuition. It is something everyone has. It comes from within and may be the product of your mind's ability to gather facts surrounding an event combined with certain mental capabilities. 

When I was at mystery school one of the first lessons in the intuitive arts was to catch someone's attention, without saying a word or even looking at their face.

I was shown how to focus intently on the back of a person's head and within a minute they'd either glance at me or acknowledging me in some way.

It wasn't magic or a particularly mystic skill because this originated from a primitive ability that kept cave men alive. They could feel when a predator or another being was watching them, allowing them to prepare for an attack or run. This can apply to the basic concept of intuition.

This was not a demonstration of any power I may have, it simply demonstrated that each person I focused on responded to their own intuitive sense. 

Here's How to Develop Intuition and Psychic Ability

How to Develop IntuitionLearn How to Develop Intuition

1 - You have the ability to feel the intentions of others.

  • People set off a feeling and everyone can perceive it. They may get a “gut” reaction that can be as obvious as a blow in the stomach or just an easy feeling. It's part of our make up. Learning to listen to that feeling and separate it from all the other thoughts in your head is the difficult part.

2 - Your mind processes information extremely fast, even if you can't put that information into words.

  • Have you ever met someone and immediately disliked them? You can't put your finger on it, but you know something is wrong. That message can occur when your mind processed their stance, the words they spoke, their body language and put them together with a red flashing warning signal. It wasn't one thing, but the incongruity of the entire picture. You do not consciously see the incongruity, but it registered at a subconscious level.

3 - Learn to separate emotions and logic from intuition.

  • That's tough, but not impossible if you pay close attention. Note everything about the situation and your reaction when you have the feeling or voice. An emotional reaction is often different from a logical one or even intuitive one. The more you pay attention to everything surrounding a circumstance, the easier it will be to separate the three and know it's your intuition telling you to act, watch out, or prepare for something.

4 - Paying attention to your intuition increases its power.

  • Your intuition can message you in a variety of ways. When I'm unknowingly in a bad situation, mine literally punches me in the stomach. I feel a firm blow and know it's time to make an exit plan. Other, less urgent times, I get a thought or voice from nowhere or have a flash of inspiration. Pay attention to the cues your intuition provides. Be very aware of the things you experience and you'll learn to know when your intuition is warning you or telling you to go full steam ahead. Track it in a journal.

5 - Sleep on it.

  • Everyone has heard at one time or another that someone wants to “sleep” on a decision. It's a good idea. Many scientific breakthroughs and historic events came to the people from a dream. You need to ask yourself the question that needs an answer and decide that your intuition will tell you how to resolve it as you sleep. Have a paper and pencil on the bed stand to record the answer upon awakening or you'll forget it.

Intuition can be honed like any skill. Everyone has the ability to use this extra sensory perception, so there's nothing magical about it. It's like communicating. Everyone has the ability to communicate in one fashion or another. The more you hone your ability, the better you'll be at it.

If you are really serious about learning how to develop intuition to the level of a psychic I recommend you obtain the Silva Mind System.

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