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New to the Psychic Chat Online World? The first time you dip your toe into mystic waters might make you more than a little nervous. Think opening night jitters, when you were a carrot in your first kindergarten play. If you relate to this, consider exploring this psychic chat guide.

There are two main differences found in the realms of chat:

  > Personal and professional psychic chat readings

  > Impersonal and amateur psychic chat rooms

Psychic Chat Rooms: If you have the time and energy to wander around the myriad of free chat rooms, it can be a way for you to dip your toes into the metaphysical realms without a credit card! You may be entertained or frustrated by the experience, but if you are really new to seeking psychic advice this may be a way to play around a bit and see what is going on in the amateur arena.

Do your homework prior to joining a chat room. Register with the website first. This will give the moderator an opportunity to see your user name and possibly remember it the next time you pop-in the room. When you do enter the physic chat room, announce yourself. It’s not prudent to blare into the ‘room’ and immediately start firing off questions. It will annoy other participants. Instead, a few objective comments will give the chat psychics a chance to feel your energy. When you feel ready, type something like – “May I ask a question please?”

Psychic Chat Online Readings

Psychic Chat Online Readings: It is customary for sites offering professional psychic chat readings to gift you with three minutes, before the cash clock starts ticking, (and discount rates) if you are a new client. Don’t end the session pursuant to one quick answer. Participate in the conversation and when the free time is up, if you feel an affinity for your psychic, announce that you would like to continue in a paid reading.

Choosing a professional chat psychic can mean taking an intuitive leap of trust. Be mindful, gifted psychics who give intuitive readings via chat will answer your questions quicker and with a higher accuracy rate than what you would find in the free chat rooms.

The old adage, “time is money” couldn’t be more apropos - the longer you stay, the more you pay. For this reason, I urge you to write a list of questions beforehand to save time thinking about what to ask when chatting. 

Benefits of a private chat include the awesomeness of dialoging in real time. Answers and insights you receive are applicable the moment you get them.  

Look for websites that employ psychics who will do private chats around the clock. If you wake up, with troubles on your mind, it’s a real comfort to know that a caring psychic is available, even in the deep night to answer your questions and provide direction. If you are not sure where to start I have a list of sites I know and recommend below.

There is no limitation concerning the kind of issues a chat psychic will address. Whether your concerns revolve around money troubles, career challenges or you’re desperately seeking romantic advice, your psychic will listen, which is rare and precious in our fast-paced society.

You may be assured that psychic counselors are not easily shocked. They will treat your most sensitive issues – i.e. your mate is having an affair – with confidentiality and compassion.

Psychic chats are ideal for people who prefer to get answers to life’s problems from the comfort of their own home.

Finally, you can copy the session and save it for later reference.

Recommended Psychic Chat Online Websites

All of the following psychic sites offer world-wide online chat with professional psychics. And for new clients, free intro minutes and/or discounts. 

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