Spiritual vs Psychic Guides

Spiritual Mentor or Psychic Guide? There are vast differences between spiritual guidance and the readings from a psychic guide, starting with the duration. Spiritual guidance is an ongoing process, which could take months or even years. While psychic readings can range from one a year to several readings in a row, when working on important issues.

The reasons people get psychic readings, opposed to spiritual guidance are poles apart. There is a certain spontaneity involved with contacting a psychic for practical issues such as romance or finance. One psychic reading generally offers potential outcomes provided the client stays on the same course. The best psychics point out alternative paths, for the highest good of all. 

As a rule, the seeker and spiritual teacher already have an established relationship. Perhaps they knew each other in the past and met again through a serendipitous connection. This is the real-life part of ‘when the student is ready the master will come’ that people may scoff at until it happens to them.

Spiritual and Psychic Guides

Content is different in spiritual guidance and psychic readings. The spiritual seeker is searching for highest spiritual consciousness. Psychics handle the everyday problems of life, typically in areas of love and money.

Psychics and spiritual mentors have polar-opposite characteristics. Spiritual Mentors have let go of attachments and are non-materialistic. Because they believe it is their responsibility to ‘pay it back’, per se, it is rare for them to request payment for their services. Rather, they come from a place of love and Light to help other people raise their vibratory rates. A humble community of people, spiritual advisors do not consider themselves masters. Typically, they speak only their truth and will not deceive other people.

Physics offer services in return for money. Unless born with highly-developed psychic abilities (clairvoyance – clear seeing, clairsentience – clear feeling, clairaudience – clear hearing) psychics spend years of study and practice to hone their craft. Psychic readings are founded on questions and concerns of their client. Psychics can see probable futures and will suggest steps toward alternative outcomes that improve the client’s love life, finances or career. This is a sensitive community of people, who want their clients to walk away satisfied and happy.

This is not to indicate that psychics can’t serve as spiritual counselors and vice versa. A psychic spiritual advisor can connect with spirit guides and angels, obtain information and guidance and decipher it into everyday language for the client’s understanding.   

Physics do most of the talking. Since the client is on a time-limit, they want to deliver as much guidance as possible. Spiritual guidance is more interactive. A spiritual mentor gives assignments, then steps back to observe.  They appear to have all the time in the world to devote to their protegees successful spiritual attainment.

When a psychic guide goes into a trance state and allows a spiritual entity to communicate through his/her body, it is known as spiritual channeling.

Find a Spiritual or Psychic Guide

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