Find Your Best Wedding Numerology Number

How to find your best date in Wedding Numerology. What is the first task on your Things to do Before Saying We do list?  If you answered – pick the wedding date – you are correct. But, do you know the advantages of wedding planning with Numerology?

Numerology says your best wedding date is tied with your Destiny number.

Step 1: add month, day and year of your birthday.

Step 2: reduce total to a single digit number between 1 and 9.

This is your Destiny number.

  • Example: June 1, 1926
  • June = 6 (6th month)
  • 1 is 1 (date)
  • 1+9+2+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 (birth year reduced to single digit)
  • Total:
  • 6+1+9 = 16 (single digits from June 1, 1926)
  • 1+6= 7 (birthdate reduced to single digit)
  • Congratulations: you have calculated Marilyn Monroe’s Destiny number!

Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 substituting your birthdate.

Step 4: Using your betrothed’s birthdate, repeat steps 1-2.

Step 5: Find your Marriage Number by adding the two Destiny numbers. Reduce to one-digit number.

Using your Marriage Number

When planning your wedding date with numerology, follow the same procedures to check out prospective dates for the ceremony. Once arriving at a single digit number, research the compatibility of the date and your Marriage Number.  For detailed reference, either buy a Numerology book or look on the internet.

Which is the best number in Wedding Numerology?

Wedding Numerology

Holding your wedding ceremony on the 1st day of the month is all about oneness. Two becoming one denotes openness and willingness to change.

The 2nd day is auspicious for those considering elopement. The couple share a great love, but may be emotionally immature.

Choosing the 3rd day indicates a fun-loving couple who live every day to its fullest. You’ll throw the biggest, baddest wedding ever, all in the spirit of fun.

Couples selecting Day 4 are all about commitment and security. They take their vows seriously and work as a team to achieve their goals.  

The 5’s get bored easily with mundane things and party hardy. This couple might benefit from spending time apart with their own friends and interests.

The 6th day bespeaks of a kind, affectionate, caring couple, who love each other and their family. They won’t leave much to ‘chance’, but believe in healthy communication and planning for the future.

Getting married on day 7? Be alert for a series of misfortunate events surrounding the wedding day, such as minor accidents (i.e. groom sprains ankle) misplaced airplane tickets, something spills on bridal gown. Could be marriage was hasty decision and one partner is left standing at the altar.

Yes, storybook weddings indeed happen. Mostly on the 8th day of the month. This exemplifies first-glance-love poets, writers and artists attempt to capture.

On the 9th day, Divineness will bless the union. Wedding rituals will be observed to the nth degree, according to the couple’s beliefs, which tend to be more spiritual than religious.

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